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Endless Adventures Update Adds Traditional RPG Mode

Endless Adventures was designed to be a roguelike game that included a full party system and dynamic quests that included both indoor and outdoor environments.  While developing the game, I switched back and forth between the explore-as-you-go gameplay features in the Dungeons of Evermore, which generates the dungeon as you move through it, and the traditional way of generating the entire area before you enter it.

At release, I went with the explore-as-you-go method because it was a little different than other role-playing games.  But as I’ve gone back and updated some of my older apps to make sure they are still working properly and refreshing the graphics on Dungeons of Evermore, I decided to make some key changes to Endless Adventures.

The biggest change from a gameplay standpoint is that it will now pregenerate the areas.  This will lead to more dead ends and probably more fights where you accidentally run into multiple groups of creatures, which can be fun and challenging.  You can still choose the old method in settings, so if you like exploring as you go, you can play that way as well.

I’ve also made some changes to make it easier to enjoy on smaller screens, including an additional zoomed in setting that will help with seeing what’s going on and a few other small changes.

Last, it’s easier to move from one city to the next with the new Travel button.  Previously, you had to dump all characters out of your party and tap the gate to travel to a different town. Now the travel button will do the heavy lifting for you.  However, you still must either (1) have characters in that town or (2) be traveling to the first town.

You can download Endless Adventures on the iOS App Store for iPhone/iPad.

Endless Adventures is also available on Android devices in the Google Play store.