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How to Play a Bard in Rogue Party

The Bard is designed to weave different songs and harmonies into greater magical effects.  This can create interesting strategic options as the bard has access to a number of different spells and effects through these interactions, but the downside is the Bard can sometimes be confusing to play.  

It’s easy to dismiss the Bard as simply a support class whose main attacks are designed to buff the party, but combining these buffs with the various songs create song interactions that produce specific effects.

Similarly, the High Note ability can interact with underlying chords to produce added effects. Think of this as a quick solo on top of a chord progression. When done right, it makes the song.

As an added bonus, the Bard can create a powerful melody that heals the group if they successfully strike with all three of their main melee attacks: Uplifting Attack, Melodic Attack and Singing Blade.

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Bard Song Interactions:

Song interactions happen when two underlying harmonies interact with a song. Underlying harmonies are gained through the bard’s basic attacks: Singing Blade, Melodic Attack and Uplifting Attack. When the bard sings a song (Battle, Hope or Elements) while two of these harmonies are active, it will produce a special effect.  In Rogue Party, the effect will be displayed on the Song icon so you’ll know which interaction is about to take place.  

Song of Battle Interactions:

  • Uplifting + Melodic: Inept, which lowers enemy defense by 2
  • Uplifting + Singing: Power, a large ripple of damage extends from the bard
  • Melodic + Singing: Vulnerable, which lowers enemy attacks by 2

Song of Elements Interactions:

  • Uplifting + Melodic: Lightning, which provides a lightning damage shield that protects from fire and cold
  • Uplifting + Singing: Flame, an explosion erupts from the bard
  • Melodic + Singing: Ice, which freezes the party’s weapons providing extra cold damage

Song of Hope Interactions:

  • Uplifting + Melodic: Reflection, which reflects magical and ranged attacks
  • Uplifting + Singing: Health, a slight heal for nearby allies
  • Melodic + Singing: Regeneration, which restores health over time

Bard Chord Interactions:

The High Note ability should not be dismissed as simply a ranged damage dealer. When the bard lands Power Chord or Dissonant Chord on an enemy, the chord lingers. If High Note is successful while the chord is active, it creates an interaction.

  • Power Chord: Deals damage over time
  • Dissonant Chord: Stuns the target
  • Power Chord and Dissonant Chord: A large ripple of damage extends from the target

Bard Abilities With No Interactions:

While most bardic abilities interact with one another, a few abilities have no known interactions.

  • Song of Confusion: A quick song that confuses the target, which causes the enemy to attack random opponents nearby.
  • Song of Fate: A powerful song that changes the type of damage to the one the enemy is most vulnerable, so a spell that deals lightning damage cast against a fire elemental would instead deal cold damage. The reverse is true for damage against the party: it is switched to the damage type to which they are lease vulnerable.
  • Song of Wonder: This song produces a totally random effect that can either aid the party or hurt nearby enemies.

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