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Rogue Party RPG Now Available

Can you defeat the nine epic bosses waiting for you in the lands beyond Gateway? Rogue Party allows players to use an open-ended multi-classing system to create a unique band of one to four characters in order to brave the depths of countless crypts, dungeons, ruins and underground fortresses. Rogue Party is now available for the iPhone and iPad and soon to be released for Android devices.

Do you prefer the roguelike games of old? You can choose to play a Solo game with only one character, a Duo game using two characters, or play using full Party mode. Solo and Duo characters gain extra benefits, including a raised level cap.

Do you love creating a character that is truly unique? Rogue Party has an open class system that allows you to multi-class at will and includes over 250 unique abilities that can be combined in almost infinite ways.

To go along with the theme of creating a customized character, the crafting system allows you to build the best weapons and armor in the game. This allows you to design a sword-wielding barbarian, a shield-focused tank, a quarterstaff spinning bard, a sword-and-dagger assassin or a longbow shooting trap-setting ranger.

The magic system is broken down into sorcery, necromancy and the magic of the elements. Sorcerers can choose to focus on illusion or battle magic, while elementalists can choose to mix-and-match from ice, lightning and fire magic or focus on just one element with an increased selection of spells. As for the necromancer, will their zombie be just a distraction while they work their dark magic, or will it be the focus of their power?

Those who walk the paths of the faithful must choose which god to worship. Will it be the Lightbringer, enemy of the supernatural, or a demon lord? Will they worship the Earthmother and her regenerative powers, or the Unkempt One’s twisted version of nature? And even those who aren’t devoted followers who gain the power of prayer can benefit from being a faithful follower.

And let us not forget the bard, ole singer of spells and slinger of melody. The Bard’s unique ability is to combine harmonies and melodies to created added effects that can either benefit the party or harm their foes.

Rogue Party Features

  • Over 250 unique abilities to choose from spanning 5 basic classes (warrior, adventurer, bard, cleric, mage) with dozens of abilities within each class to allow specialization (barbarian, paladin, assassin, acrobat, ranger, pyromancer, etc.)
  • The god pantheon includes 8 different gods and can benefit both the devoted, who can use the power of prayer, and the non-devoted, who can become a faithful or even blessed follower.
  • Gain adventure points as you complete dungeon quests and use them to combine crafted weapons with magical runes to create the most powerful weapons, armor, shields, holy symbols and staffs in the game. Adventure points are global, so you can gain them with one party of adventurers and then spend them on the next.
  • In true roguelike form, death is permanent, but if you are delving down into the depths with fellow adventurers, there is a chance to revive a downed comrade before death finally takes them. But sometimes, it might be better to run for the exit!

Download Rogue Party from the Apple App Store

Download Rogue Party from the Google Play Android Store