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Endless RPG Random Map Generator for D&D 5e Is Now Available on Windows

Endless RPG supports the Tome of Foes and Volo’s Guide for D&D 5e

Tired of searching for a DM instead of playing D&D? Want to get a leg up on building a campaign for your players? The Endless RPG Random Map Generator is designed with both players and DMs in mind. It can build random dungeons, ruins, towers, caves and other locations for your D&D 5e adventure.

For D&D Players: Endless RPG has a fog-of-war exploration style that makes it possible to be surprised at what you find around the next corner. The monsters, treasures, traps and other events are waiting for you to discover, and all of the dice rolling is left up to you.

For DMs: Custom maps can be created to be filled with specific monster types (orcs, goblins, cultists, etc.) and set in specific locations like a crypt or a fortress. The DM can also add/remove/edit encounters and treasure on the generated map for more control over the adventure.

Download Endless RPG for Windows on Steam

Endless RPG can help small groups without a dedicated dungeon master play D&D and create their own stories. One great way to use the software is to take turns being the ‘creative DM’ by coming up with basic storylines and then using the software to build out the maps in a way that the story teller can play as a character as well.

It can also be a great tool for DMs to play out their own adventures. As a DM, we are often locked into creating stories for others, which is fun in its own right. But we can still have that itch to be a player and build our own character.

Endless RPG Features:

  • Create random dungeons, caves, ruins, crypts, towers and castles.
  • Support for Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes and Volo’s Guide to Monsters
  • Create a party of up to 8 characters
  • The DM Mode supports customizing maps with unique encounters, treasures and event messages.
  • Both a quick battle and a battle map mode allow you to do combat your way. Encounters can also be cleared completely with the click of a button for when you just bash that lone skeleton out of the way.
  • …and more!

Download the Endless RPG Random Map Generator for Windows