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Endless RPG: The D&D Random Dungeon and Map Generator for Mac OS

The Endless RPG random dungeon project has made its way to Mac!

For D&D Players: Endless RPG started out as a player’s tool for playing D&D without the need for a dedicated DM. The fog-of-war exploration style made it possible to really do a random dungeon crawl and be surprised at what you find around the next corner.

For DMs: As Endless RPG evolved, it adopted many different DM-friendly features such as the ability to see the whole map, peek into encounters and treasure and even modify the map with custom monsters, treasure items and messages for players.

Now on Mac OS! Download Endless RPG for Mac

Endless RPG Features:

  • Create random dungeons, caves, ruins, crypts, towers and castles. You can even create caves that lead to ruins, towers with dungeons below and other multi-level options.
  • Support for Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes and Volo’s Guide to Monsters
  • Create a party of up to 8 characters and play with a fog-of-war discovery system
  • A DM Mode that supports customizing maps with unique encounters, treasures and event messages.
  • A Quick Battle mode for keeping up with current HP of all combatants and a Battle Map mode to help with tactical combat.
  • …and more!

You can also download Endless RPG for the iPhone and iPad. Endless RPG is also available on Android devices and on Steam for Windows PCs.