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How to Edit Your Random Maps in Endless RPG

The latest release of the Endless RPG Random Dungeon Generator has a lot of big features for DMs using the app. If you use the Endless RPG to cut out the tedium of drawing your own maps while running your own homebrew, these features will let you tailor the map even more to your players.

Start your customization at the custom dungeon screen. A new addition is the ability to target the number of encounters on the map. The standard map shoots for seven encounters including the ‘boss’ or final encounter. However, the map can also generate “easy” encounters, which count as half an encounter, and “hard” encounters, which could as one and a half encounters. This keeps the variety up while sticking with the basic seven encounters rule.

Lowering the number of encounters will ultimately generate a smaller map, and raising them will generate a larger map. Now that you can edit and add encounters, you can use this to tailor the size of the map and then adjust the difficulty as you wish.

You can now edit/add/delete encounters and treasures. This work is done in DM mode. You can add an encounter or treasure by tapping the square where you want to add it and tapping “Add Spot.” The encounter or treasure will be added with random monsters/treasures, but you can edit it to add what you want.

You can even add your own monsters and treasures! This is great if you want a guy named Pete to be leading those orcs or if you want to add a +1 mace of fast walking to the treasure. For encounters, you will also be able to add a note to the monster and edit the overall text presented with the encounter.

The monsters added should work fine in quick combat and in the battle map.

The Edit Database button will let you edit the custom monsters and treasures you have added. You can use this screen to edit the stats, choose new images or delete the item or monster.

You can also create your own custom messages for the party. This is cool if you are using the tool to let your party explore the map, and also useful if you are simply using it as your own guide for the adventure. You can use the custom message as a way to create your own events or traps. “As you enter the room, the doors shut and the room begins filling with water…”

Custom messages have a distance of 0, 1 or 2 squares. This is the distance the party must be for the message to be shown on the screen.

You can move or delete most traps and events. While you can’t add or edit traps and events, the ability to move them or delete them will help you shape the dungeon. Some traps like those on doors cannot be moved. If you need to add a trap or event, the add message feature will allow you to do so.

You can also move, delete or rotate many of the objects in the dungeon. This is useful if you think a room looks a little off or is too busy. You can also add a new object, but there are only a few objects that can be added. These are generally intended to be used as the goal for an adventure such as a prisoner, lost boy or girl, dead body, etc.

A Random Map Generator With Benefits

I was quite surprised by the number of people using the app as a DM as well as a player. Endless RPG was created with the idea of a random dungeon generator that allowed people to play through the map. I grew up using the random tables at the back of the DM’s guide to create dungeons for me and my friends to play through. We used these to create elaborate stories and as a way for all of us to participate.

Hopefully, these changes will help the app become better at being used as a DM tool.