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Tome of Foes Added to Endless RPG

The latest release of Endless RPG is available for download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. There are a few big changes to the app that should please everyone using it.

First, Tome of Foes has been added for D&D 5th Edition. You will need to add Tome of Foes in the settings. This is a free content update. The Tome of Foes adds a lot of variety for different encounter types such as drow, duergar, etc.

On the Pathfinder side, I have added various NPCs from the game master’s guide. This allows for mercenaries, bandits, cultists and other special encounter types and should help beef up the encounters.

The basic user interface has been overhauled to make it easier to to quickly run a mission, create a customized map with specific encounters, etc. The Challenge Rating will be calculated after any character is added to the party, but is fully customizable, so you can have a party of 4 level 3 characters and set the CR to anything you want for both quick missions or custom maps.

The dice roller should actually be useful.

There are a few other small things here and there such as looking slightly better on bigger phones with nooks, etc.