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Endless RPG Random Dungeon Creator Survey

When I was in high school playing D&D with a friend, we lived in the back of the Dungeon Master’s Guide that contained tables for rolling up random dungeons.  We went as far to create random city tables that would come up with weekly events for our characters, such as a war breaking out producing a series of encounters during the battle or the discovery of some old sewers beneath the city.

I’ve always had an affinity for randomness and I hope I can continue to add to the Endless RPG dungeon creator. I’ve been busy developing Endless Quest, and RPG for iOS and Android, but now that I’ve published it, I can get back to some updates for the random dungeon generator.

This survey is intended to get a little feedback on both who the audience is (D&D vs Pathfinder vs Both) and what I might be able to do to better monetize the project so I can spend more time creating content.  I hope no one thinks I’m trying to gouge for more money, but unless the app makes enough to support continued development, it’s hard to choose working on it over something that will actually put food on the table.

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Do you want to give feedback or suggestions on how to make Endless RPG better?

I have an Endless Roguelike facebook page that is perfect for leaving feedback.  Bug reports welcome! Suggestions are great! Anything you think might make the app better is appreciated.