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Endless Quest RPG Now Available for iPhone, iPad and Android

Unrest grows and armies gather as a strange enchantment washes across the lands. The Evermore mountains cast deep shadows over the village of Morath, and even as far away as Nirra, the darkness can be felt growing…

Endless Quest blends the full party turn-based role-playing game with the random generation of content found in roguelike RPGs.  Featuring a very open multi-classing system and a storyline where the players can make choices about their journey, the goal of Endless Quest is to provide the ultimate in replayability.

You know the drill. It’s time to gather that armor, don that sword, put words to that spell and take down a horde of monsters crawling across randomly generated lands, explore dungeons and ruined towers, find a few magic items and probably die a few times along the way.

  • A roguelike with random quests, random towers, random dungeons and random loot.
  • Play your way by creating your own ‘class’ using a variety of skills and interweaving them however you would like,
  • Create a party of up to 4 characters
  • Choose your way through the adventure. Are you going to save the town or go look for treasure?
  • Craft the ultimate weapon using runes found in your adventures.

In true roguelike form, death is real in Endless Quest. But with a full party at your side, perhaps someone can bandage your favorite character first.  This single-player game resets the RPG to a day when finding gold and simply equipping your party can be a major undertaking.  Magic items aren’t handed out like candy, but for the bold, they can be found.  Just don’t sacrifice the people of Archer’s Pass to go dungeon crawling!

Choice matters, and as you travel from one area to the next, you will often be given the choice on exactly where your adventure takes you.  If you are lucky, you can make it all the way to the village of Morath, and from there, you can face down whoever is behind these disturbances. With an emphasis on who, because the next time you play it may not be that same boss mob that’s trying to take over the world.