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How to Play the Bard in Endless Quest

The Endless Quest Bard is meant to weave different songs and harmonies into greater magical effects. As such, the Bard can be difficult to understand for the new player.

There are two main interactions for song weaving: Song interactions with underlying harmonies and High Note interactions with underlying chords. Song interactions are set off by singing a song and the chord interactions are set off by successfully hitting an enemy with the High Note ability.

Song Interactions:

Song interactions happen when two underlying harmonies interact with a song. Underlying harmonies are gained through the bard’s basic attacks: Singing Blade, Melodic Attack and Uplifting Attack. Combining two of these harmonies with a song (Battle, Hope or Elements) can produce a special effect.

  • Uplifting + Melodic + Song of Battle = Lowers enemy attacks by 2
  • Uplifting + Singing + Song of Battle = Large ripple of damage extends from the bard
  • Melodic + Singing + Song of Battle = Lowers enemy resistance by 25% and defense by 2
  • Uplifting + Melodic + Song of Elements = A lightning damage shield that protects from fire and cold
  • Uplifting + Singing + Song of Elements = Large ripple of fire damage extends from the bard
  • Melodic + Singing + Song of Elements = A freezing damage shield
  • Uplifting + Melodic + Song of Hope = Reflect magic and ranged attacks for a duration
  • Uplifting + Singing + Song of Hope = Heal nearby allies
  • Melodic + Singing + Song of Hope = Regenerate health

Chord Interactions:

The High Note ability not only provides ranged damage, it can also interact with the chords produced by the bard’s other abilities. Power Chord and Dissonant Chord both interact with the High Note.

  • High Note + Power Chord = Deals damage over time
  • High Note + Dissonant Chord = Stuns the target
  • High Note +Power Chord  + Dissonant Chord = Large ripple of damage extends from the target

Abilities With No Interactions:

While most bardic abilities interact with one another, a few abilities have no known interactions.

  • Shockwave
  • Blink Attack
  • Blur Attack