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Endless RPG Adds Premium Map: The Crypt of Ro

I have added the first “premium” map to Endless RPG.  The Crypt of Ro is designed for new adventurers — and, really, newer players — as a great start for both their characters and for an introduction to roleplaying games.

In this case, “premium” does not mean you have to pay extra.  The map is included for free in Endless RPG.  A new store is available in the city that allows you to choose maps that are within an appropriate level range for your party.

The Crypt of Ro is a CR 1 adventure, so it is good for level 1-2 characters in a party of 3-5 characters, or even two level 3 characters or a solo level 4-5 character.

But more experienced characters aren’t completely left out.  The Greater Crypt of Ro is the same map but with encounters tuned to CR 5, which makes it a solid adventure for 3-5 characters in the level 5 range.

The Crypt of Ro is my first attempt to put a more premium-feel map into the Endless RPG system, which is designed for players to run through without the need for a DM.  This means the map will pop up messages with some of the description you might get from a real DM, with the map itself containing an underlying story that unfolds as you adventure.