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Generate Random Encounters and Treasure for D&D 5e for iPhone/iPad and Android

Random Encounters for D&D 5e is intended to help DMs quickly roll up wandering monsters or generate encounters for an entire adventure.  The app can not only target encounters based on land or creature type such as Elemental or Giant, it can also target specific groups like orcs or goblins.  The app also includes random treasure tables ranging from those appropriate for chests, monsters, ‘boss’ monsters or specific types like scrolls, potions, weapons or armor.

Random Encounters for D&D 5e includes quick-and-easy combat tracker that will automatically roll initiative and help track current hit points for monsters.  A memo field provides the ability to write notes on the creature, so effects like poison can be noted.

The target audience for Random Encounters 5e are:

The DM who wants a quick way of rolling up an encounter with a specific target in mind, such as a desert encounter, a volcanic encounter or a group of mercenaries hot on the adventurer’s tail.

The DM who wants to create a one-off or even an entire campaign and wants a shortcut for filling maps with encounters and treasure.  The ability to edit and add to the saved encounters and treasure allows the app to either do all the heavy lifting or simply provide an initial brainstorming.