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Dungeons of Evermore Released

Dungeons of Evermore is a group based roguelike that takes elements of RPG board games like the Temple of Elemental Evil and expands on them to create a unique combination of roleplaying and strategy.   The game takes place in a village leaving in the shadow of the Evermore mountains, which have a system of caves and dungeons.

The game allows a party of up to four members to go on various adventures underneath the mountain.  Each adventure is random, with mission types ranging from a standard dungeon delve to a treasure hunt to a trap-filled adventure.

Dungeons of Evermore has 5 different classes, dozens of creatures and a number of items and abilities to help out in the adventures.  Much like the tabletop games, the dungeons is explored an unveiled as you move through the game.  Many monsters have unique abilities that present additional challenges as you work through way through the dungeon.