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Endless Depths 2 v1.02 Released

The newest version of Endless Depths 2 has been released to the Google Play marketplace and submitted to the Apple App Store.  It should arrive on the iOS App Store later this week or early next week.

This patch includes a few patches, including a fix for the anti-farming code and a fix that corrects the bug involving crafting ranged weapons.

This patch also includes a new game mode called ‘Action Mode’ that basically puts you on a timer.  Because touch screens can make this awkward, there is also an auto-select and auto-attack that will use selected abilities or simply do a basic attack if no ability is selected an the target is in range.   You can also cast buffs or drink potions without selecting yourself — just let the timer run out.

You can still take your turn manually in Auto Mode and play much like normal mode.  The difficulty is in the fact that you can stand around thinking about your next move.