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D&D Random Dungeon Generator for iPhone/Android/iPad

Have you ever wanted to play D&D alone? Now you can with RPG Random Dungeon Generator for iPhone and Android. This handy little D&D random dungeon generator is great for when you want to get a little D&D action solo or with a few friends.

RPG Random Dungeon Generator supports levels 1-30 and parties of up to 8 characters. In addition to a smart encounter system that creates groups of 4e monsters, it also uses 4th edition treasure and traps to round out the random dungeon.

Got an iPad? A super-charged version of the random dungeon generator with a mini-map and a dice roller will soon be released specifically for the iPad.

RPG Random Dungeon Generator Features:

  • Dynamic dungeons
  • Random monsters, traps and treasure
  • Intelligent encounter design with leaders, front line, support and epic monsters
  • Uses d20 4e monsters and treasure rules
  • Supports characters from level 1 to 30
  • Supports solo adventures and parties of up to 8 adventurers
  • iPad special features: mini-map and dice roller

You can download the app from the iTunes market or get it on your Android.

Mobile app developed with Corona SDK for iOS and Android