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NFL News on the iPhone and iPad

Are you ready for some football? Headlines News: Pro Football News gathers all the latest NFL news for all 32 teams and puts them on the iPhone and iPad. This hyper-local news product gathers the latest NFL news from over 130 sources to make sure that you can keep track of your favorite teams to root for and your favorite teams to hate.

The iPhone version gives you quick access to the news with an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to select your team. And while an Internet connection is required to read full stories, you can still browse summary news you’ve downloaded while offline.

The iPad version delivers newspaper-style headlines that give you summaries of the latest news for your favorite teams all on one page. And with the touch of a finger, you can read the full article on the original website.

Download Headline News: Pro Football News Edition.

Download Headline News: Pro Football News Edition HD.