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Endless Depths 2 Help

The Game:

Endless Depths 2 is a class-based role-playing game that allows you to choose your class by playing rather than through menu choices. After your initial choice of starting class, you will be able to ‘level up’ in additional classes by using a skill from that class when you have reached a new level.

Classes can lead to new classes, such as the Warrior leading to the Defender and the Weapon Master. And combining classes can open up new classes, such as combining the Warrior, Defender and Weapon Master to become a Knight.

While Endless Depths 2 is a rogue-like that features a one life and you are dead philosophy, you retain your gold and your gems from one character to the next. This allows players to ‘farm’ with initial players and then spend their gold and gems crafting a powerful set of items for a new character.

In addition to crafting weapons at the crafting station, you can also apply runes to some items. These runes can be found on special creatures and are not common. The combination of using gems to add damage effects to a weapon and a rune to add new damage effects can be very devastating.

Like the classic rogue-likes, each dungeon level is recreated each time you enter it. You can use a Portal scroll to get back to town and step into the Portal to get back to your previous level. You can also skip to a lower level by entering the deeper dungeon entrance.

Class/Skill Hybrid System

The character advancement system takes aspects of both a class-based system and a skill-based system.  As such, you do not choose a ‘class’.  Instead, your class(es) are chosen as you play the game based on the abilities you use during combat.   Each ability is assigned to a class and you can see an ability’s class in the ability information displayed on the screen when an ability is chosen.

The class/skill system was implemented in v1.04.  If you are still on a previous version, the character system will be slightly different.

Action Mode

This game mode is a bit of an experiment and may not be for everyone.  It effectively puts a timer on your turn, so if you don’t do anything, the game will continue.   This mode includes an auto-select that will target a nearby mob if you go into combat, which happens when a nearby monster notices you before you attack.   It also includes an auto-attack, so if you have a skill selected and are within range of the skill, you will automatically use it.  You will also automatically perform a basic melee attack if you are within range and don’t have a skill selected.

Class Requirements

Warrior Classes:

Warrior. Requirements: None – View Skills
Defender. Requirements: Warrior Level 2 – View Skills
Weapon Master. Requirements: Warrior Level 2 – View Skills
Monk. Requirements: Warrior Level 2, Cleric Level 1 – View Skills
Knight. Requirements: Warrior Level 3, Defender Level 1, Weapon Master Level 1 – View Skills
Paladin. Requirements: Knight Level 1, Priest Level 1 – View Skills
Dark Knight. Requirements: Knight Level 1, Dark Priest Level 1 – View Skills

Cleric Classes:

Cleric. Requirements: None – View Skills
Priest. Requirements: Cleric Level 2 – View Skills
Dark Priest. Requirements: Cleric Level 2 – View Skills
Druid. Requirements: Cleric Level 2 – View Skills

Adventurer Classes:

Adventurer. Requirements: None – View Skills
Thief. Requirements: Adventurer Level 2 – View Skills
Mercenary. Requirements: Adventurer Level 2 – View Skills
Assassin. Requirements: Thief Level 5, Warrior Level 3 – View Skills
Duelist. Requirements: Adventurer Level 2, Warrior Level 2 – View Skills

Mage Classes:

Mage. Requirements: None – View Skills
Elementalist. Requirements: Mage Level 2 – View Skills
Sorcerer. Requirements: Mage Level 2 – View Skills
Pyromancer. Requirements: Elementalist Level 2 – View Skills
Icemancer. Requirements: Elementalist Level 2 – View Skills
Summoner. Requirements: Sorcerer Level 2 – View Skills
Enchanter. Requirements: Sorcerer Level 2 – View Skills

Hybrid Classes:

Necromancer. Requirements: Dark Priest Level 2, Sorcerer Level 2 – View Skills
Bard. Requirements: Warrior Level 1, Adventurer Level 2, Mage Level 1 – View Skills
Ranger. Requirements: Adventurer Level 5, Druid Level 1 – View Skills

Melee Combat:

Endless Depths 2 uses the proprietary TitanFire combat system. This system is based on delays for defenses like parrying, dodging, blocking and resisting. Part of the strategy of the TitanFire system is to overcome the opponent’s defenses rather than just whittle their hit points down in a slow-but-sure fashion.

This makes combat abilities that hit multiple times or that hit faster than a normal weapon swing very important. A quick strike may not hit, but if it uses up an opponent’s block or parry defense, it can open them up for a more powerful maneuver.

Combat abilities can add to damage, accuracy, buff your ability to hit or do damage, or debuff the opponent. Some special abilities can be cumulative, such as a rolling to-hit bonus that increases for each successful hit and disappears after the first miss. When combined with a few initial highly accurate abilities, this can be a very successful strategy.

Switching weapons can also be important when facing an opponent with high resists to your current weapon. Monsters that have high physical resistance can be overcome with magic weapons, with a higher “plus” on the weapon decreasing the opponents resistance to physical damage even further.

Magic Combat:

Magic combat in Endless Depths 2 can be fast an furious. Spells have a higher potential damage than melee weapons, but spellcasters tend to be much more vulnerable. Magic in Endless Depths 2 is a mixture of defense, such as shields and special spells like mirror image, and offense, with an emphasis on the ability to do multiple types of damage to overcome the resistances of your opponent. After all, fire may be all well and good against a mummy, but it won’t do much against a fire elemental.

There are a variety of “pets” available in the game, including a faithful minion, raised zombies and even the ability to charm your opponents. But while melee-wielding opponents will need to go through your pet to get to you, magic-using opponents have no such restrictions.