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Endless Depths 2: The Summoner Skills and Abilities

Level 1 : Fan of Knives
Damage = 1-5, 3 Shots, No Damage Bonus, -2 To-Hit, Can Be Parried, Can be Dodged

Level 2 : Animated Shield
Summons an animated shield to help block incoming attacks.

Level 4 : Summon Minion
Summons a demonic minion from the netherworld.

Level 6 : Portal
Teleports to and from town when not in combat, effects vary while in combat.

Level 8 : Animated Sword
Damage = 1-6, Summons an animated sword to fight with you.

Level 10 : Call of the Void
Damage = 1-3, Point Blank AoE, Damage x1, -33% Chance to Dodge, Can Destroy Walls