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Endless RPG Lets You DM a D&D or Pathfinder Campaign While Focusing on Story

The latest update to Endless RPG adds important DM controls to the app that will allow dungeon masters who are just starting out or who want to focus more on story than map building a great way to add content to the campaign. The new controls allow a DM to create a random dungeon by picking a Challenge Rating for the map, picking an environment such as Cave, Ruins, or even a Castle with a Dungeon, and picking a primary ‘enemy’, which can be anything from orcs to goblins to giants to demons to undead (etc.).

The DM mode will also allow game masters to check out the random dungeon, exploring the map, looking into encounters or treasures, etc. Everything is numbered (Trap 1, Trap 2, Treasure 1, etc.) so the DM can make their own notes in their favorite note-taking app, perhaps adding or subtracting to treasures or encounters or simply changing the DC to pick a lock. The dungeon can be drawn out for the players and the app used as a module for the game master, or the DM Mode can be turned off an Endless RPG handed back to the players to allow them to explore.

You can also edit encounters, treasures and more!

Through the enhanced DM Mode, you can edit encounters to the point of adding or removing monsters and even adding your own custom creatures.  You can do the same for treasure.

You can also move or delete traps and events and add your own custom messages, which can be used for adding custom traps or other events.

Think a room is too crowded? Delete some objects or just move them. Many of the objects on the map can be moved, deleted or simply rotated.

Easing the burden of being a dungeon master…

My goal is that DMs who want to use it for a one-off, who want to use it as part of a campaign to quickly create an area, or who want to focus on Story and use it to help fill in content will be able to do so. Because it allows you to pick a lot of encounter types from CR .25 to 20, it gives a fair amount of flexibility. A new DM can use it to get into the groove, creating a story where invading orcs are perhaps teaming up with goblins to attack a village, with the character party first rooting the goblins out of their cave and then taking on the orcs in their stronghold.

About the Author: I was introduced to D&D at 11 years old when I got the original basic set for Christmas.  I quickly moved on to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve always been fascinated with random dungeons and have developed many tools for creating random maps over the years.