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Gluten Free Living on the iPhone Delivers Gluten Free Ingredient List

Gluten Free LivingIt can be a real pain trying to live gluten free. It sometimes seems as if the grocery store has suddenly become your enemy. But luckily, there are a lot of handy apps on the app store that can help make things a bit easier.

I originally developed Gluten Free Living as a search tool because I was sick and tired of putting ‘gluten free’ into so many Google searches. A quick tool to build, the original Gluten Free Search simply saved the time of typing ‘gluten free’ by automatically inserting it into Google and Amazon searches.

But living gluten free is about more than just searching the web, so I expanded the app to include the latest news on gluten free life and celiac disease. Not stopping there, I gathered a list of ingredients and included it in the app for doing a quick check of whether or not an ingredient has any gluten in it.

You can download Gluten Free Living for $.99 from the app store.

Just interested in keeping up with the latest news? Get it for free by downloading Gluten Free News from the app store.