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Endless RPG Help

Endless RPG allows you to play 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder without a dedicated Dungeon Master by creating random dungeons and presenting the dungeon in an RPG-like manner.

How to Get Started

The first thing you will need to do is create characters in the Inn and put those characters in a party of up to eight characters.  This party is used to retrieve an average party level in creating the missions.  After you have created a party, tap the gate in town to see a map of adventures.

If you have four or fewer characters in the party, the challenge rating will be designed for four characters. So, if you have two level four character, you may want to limit yourself to challenge rating 2 or 3.

If you have more than four characters, the challenge rating will be designed for that number of characters.  So if you have 8 level 2 characters, a mission with challenge rating 2 should be a good fit.

How to Deal With Combat

You have four choices on the combat screen: Battle Map, Quick Combat, Clear Combat and Exit Screen.

Battle Map will show a zoomed-in version of the map and allow you to move characters and creatures individually like they are miniatures on a table.  There are no rules for movement other than (1) you can’t move to a square occupied by another creature  (2) you can’t move to a ‘solid’ square such as a wall and (3) you can’t move into the ‘fog of war.’  The Next button will set the turn to the next creature in the combat order.

Quick Combat will show all of the party members and creatures on the screen without the full battle map. This is for quickly going through combat for easier encounters or when using actual miniatures or other combat outside of the app.

In both Battle Map mode and Quick Combat mode, creatures that have less than 1 hit point will show as red. You can select any other creature or party member to edit stats. You can also edit the initiative roll to move them up or down in the order.  If you leave combat with all opposing creatures marked as red (less than 1 hp), you will proceed to the loot phase.

The Clear Encounter option kills all creatures and proceeds to the loot phase.   This is for handling combat outside of the Quick Combat or Battle Map.

If the creatures have any treasure, you will be shown the treasure after combat is resolved.

How to Deal With Treasure

Loot it! You will have the option to either Loot Treasure or Exit Screen.  The Exit Screen option leaves the loot and that loot will not show as a looted treasure.

You cannot walk on a space containing unlooted treasure.  This includes a ‘cleared’ encounter.

Treasure found in chests might have obstacles such as the chest being locked or trapped.

How to Deal With Traps

Endless RPG will automatically make a perception roll for traps and other hidden objects. In a hallway, the first two characters in the party order will make perception rolls.  In an intersection, the first four characters will make a perception roll, and for traps in the middle of a room, all characters will make a perception roll.  The first four characters will roll for traps on a door, and only the first character in the party order can perceive a trap on a door.

The trap screen will give you all of the information about a trap once detected or triggered.

Some traps are easily avoided after being detected, while others must be disarmed to walk over the square.  You can choose “Continue On” to intentionally trigger a trap so you can continue down a hallway or if you fail a trap by a roll large enough to trigger it.  Choosing to Continue On will alert you to which party members have been targeted by the trap.

Remember to use your own judgement when exploring.  The app cannot take into account everything that might happen in the dungeon.

If you have a magical way to disarm a trap or if you would have detected the trap with a spell you used prior to triggering it (or other similar instances), use your own judgement. Just because the app says a character triggered a trap doesn’t mean the character actually triggered it.  If you cast a spell or had some other magical effect that would have detected or disarmed it, just consider it detected or disarmed.

How to Deal With Locks

Doors can be locked or stuck.  If they are locked, you will have the chance to pick the lock.  In all cases, you can bash a door or smash a door.  (This counts for locked chests too!).  Bashing the door means a party member successfully passed the strength test on their first try.  Roll for each party member.  If every party member fails, you can use the Smash option to open the door.

Both Bashing the door and Smashing it have a chance to attract attention.  Bashing has a much lower chance than Smashing.  When you smash a door, you are basically using whatever tools you have to completely destroy it no matter how long it takes.

How to End the Adventure

Once you feel you have fully explored the dungeon, choose the Menu option and Exit Area option.  This will delete the dungeon.

Before you leave, you can tap the Treasure option in the menu to review all treasures you have looted and the Experience option to see what creatures you have killed and the total experience values.

Editing Your Character In The Dungeon and In The Inn

All edits while in the dungeon are TEMPORARY.  These are meant to encompass buffs, potions, scrolls and other effects or events that would boost or subtract from stats.

To permanently edit your character, you must do so in the Inn.

You can only delete a character if the character is not in the active party. So if you need to take drastic action, remove the character from the party.  If you are drawing up a new character to replace the dead party member, it can be easiest to just edit all of the stats to reflect the new party member.

Don’t Forget the Settings

The settings section is available in town by tapping the settings shop or in a dungeon by tapping the Menu button and tapping Settings.

You can only switch the RPG system in town.  This will delete all missions that are not compatible with the new system.  You can also choose to enable or disable expansion books.

You can also choose from Tablet view to Phone view.  The phone view will expand the graphics in the dungeon.  It will also give a slightly larger version of the mission map.

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