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Endless Quest Help

Endless Quest is a multi-party roguelike adventure that provides an endless amount of possibilities based on the random quests, open-ended classes and almost endless possibilities through the multiclassing system.   Here are a few tips to get your started:

Basic Navigation

EndlessQuest has a tap-and-do system. You move by tapping the spot you want to move to and you fight by tapping the monster and choosing an ability.  You can also tap your character or other party members to use abilities on them or drink potions. The same can be said for interacting with your environment.

When you tap on an enemy, up to three abilities will be listed above the enemy and the rest at the bottom of the screen.  Abilities can also be ground-based.  These will appear at the bottom of the screen when you tap the ground so long as it is in range of the the ability.

Character Advancement

Endless Quest uses a very open-ended class system.  The game features very basic classes (warriors, adventurer, priest, etc.), and each class has access to more abilities than a character could possibly choose in a single game. You are also free to multi-class however you choose with the major exception of choosing more than one path for clerical classes.

Each class features a few ‘starting’ abilities that must be chosen first. As you choose more powers from a class, additional abilities will be opened up.  Some abilities have special requirements, such as the warrior’s Raging Warcry requiring the Rage ability and the adventurer’s Tumbling assault requiring Acrobatics.

In order to choose magic abilities, the character must have Arcane Knowledge. To gain the power of prayer, the character must be Devoted. And to use music as a magical ability, a bard must be a Virtuoso.

Playing the Bard

Of all of the character classes, the bard is perhaps the hardest to understand.  The bard weaves melodies by combining different abilities.  For example, combining multiple melee attacks with a song can produce a special effect.

Read more about playing a Bard

Questing, Exploring and Adventure Points

While some quests grant you a nominal amount of gold when completing them, the primary benefit from questing (besides the fun and sense of accomplishment) is adventure points.

Adventure points can be used to buy magic items from the magic shop, and more importantly, can be used to buy special runes that can augment items.  Runes can only be attached to non-magical items and normally only work on weapons, shields and armor.  Some runes can be combined to create more powerful runes.

Adventure points can also be used to unlock restricted races or avatars, to purchase gold and experience boosts or special combat buffs.

Exploring is also an important aspect of the game. You can explore the surrounding territory by traveling to the area’s exit and choosing to Explore. This will create a random area for a quick adventure. Exploring is important to ensure your characters are of the proper level for their next adventure.  It can also provide unique rewards, and like quests, exploring will grant adventure points.

Run to the Inn!

If you find yourself in trouble while in the town area, you can escape to the Inn. This will take a single character out of the party, so if only one of your characters are low on health, this is a great place to keep them safe.

Failure does have consequences.  Whether escaping from an adventure area or escaping to the inn, if your full party fails a quest, there will be reduced rewards.

Death Is Real and It Is Permanent

Like any good roguelike game, death is permanent.  However, there is a certain amount of time your character will spend at death’s door before your character will die permanently.  During this time any other party member not at death’s door, stunned, rooted or similarly indisposed can use an action to bandage the character, reviving them with one hit point remaining.  Bandaging will make a character vulnerable, but it beats the alterantive.

If a character dies, they are gone.  As are their items.   Unfortunately, there are no priests in the land powerful enough to raise the dead.   There may be necromancers this powerful, but you don’t want to go down that route.  A character will die after reaching -10 hit points or when the rest of the party leaves the area.

Multiple Save Games

You can keep things interesting by playing up to 4 games at the same time. However, you cannot save one game into a different game slot — so no saving your progress so that you can restart from there if you have a full party wipe out.  Again — this is a roguelike!


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