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Create Random Dungeons for Roll20 and Other Virtual Tabletops Using Endless RPG

The latest release of Endless RPG includes a few features that are aimed at helping DMs take the dungeons generated by the app offline or transferring them over to virtual tabletops like Roll20.

This basically means you can use Endless RPG to randomly generate an adventure and play it online with your friends using Roll20.  This can be good for both newer DMs and experienced DMs that want to run a quick randomly generated adventure but want some control over what creatures are found in the dungeon.  (Or if it is even a ‘dungeon’!)

While in DM Mode within a dungeon, there are now four options:

  • Show Base Map. This option will show the whole map on the screen without any encounters.  It is intended as an easy way to either look at the entire map or to screen shot the map.
  • Show Whole Map. This is just like showing the base map except that encounters and some of the other secrets will be shown on the map.
  • Email Map. This one is the same as Show Base Map, except it will email the app if the device is capable of sending email. On an iPhone or iPad, at least one Mail account must be set up through settings.  On an Android device, the phone/tablet may bring up the share sheet allowing you to choose an email client.  If a cloud storage app is chosen (such as Dropbox) the map will be saved there.
  • Email Map + Legend.  This option puts tags on the map for encounters, treasures, traps, etc.  It will include descriptions of these within the body of the email, so you are basically sending the randomly generated dungeon level to an email as a module.

The maps are generated with a goal of 75×75 tiles, however, because device screen resolution varies, this target may vary slightly, which means it may end up 75×74 or a similar grid size. You can modify the grid size in Roll20 to better fit the map.

Endless RPG includes a handcrafted map, The Crypt of Ro.  This map can be exported using the same methods.

Note: All four of these options only include the current level.  If you have generated a multi-level dungeon, you will need to do this for each level.  You can move to a different level in DM Mode by simply tapping the stairs.

How to Put the Endless RPG Map Into Roll20

I’ve only tested this with Roll20, but I suspect other virtual tabletops like Fantasy Grounds will work as well.  The main thing on this is that the grid doesn’t turn out to be a perfect square.  Endless RPG renders the map as a perfect square, but when the map is emailed it turns out to be a slightly different dimension.

In Roll20, this is easily solved for dungeons, fortresses and ruins.  Simply use the option to customize the grid by selecting a 3×3 square.  This worked very well for getting it formatted correctly.

Caves can be a little more tricky simply because it is harder to distinguish the actual tiles on the cave floor. The grid size should be the same as any other map, so I would suggest starting with a dungeon or fortress to get an idea of the dimensions.  This should make aligning the cave a little easier.

About the Author: I was introduced to D&D at 11 years old when I got the original basic set for Christmas.  I quickly moved on to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve always been fascinated with random dungeons and have developed many tools for creating random maps over the years.