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Endless Depths RPG arrives on the iPhone/iPad

Endless Depths is now available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.  This turn-based “rogue-like” RPG features randomly generated dungeons and is based on the TitanFire system, which introduces strategy to combat by placing more emphasis on the character’s ability to block, parry and dodge attacks and spells.   Endless Depths shares the old school nature of traditional rogue-like games, with a one-character-one-life theme that puts the emphasis as much on survival as making it down through the dungeon levels to take out Mephistopheles.

The TitanFire RPG system is a strategic combat system where each active defense (block, parry and dodge) has its own delay similar to weapon attacks.  Characters must use a variety of strategic abilities like feints, set ups and quick strikes to overcome the enemies defenses.  With an open-ended class system where characters choose three skill sets from a list of melee sets and spell books, players can devise their own strategy for combat.

The key features in Endless Depths include:

* Randomly generated dungeon levels
* Over one hundred monsters
* Dozens of melee abilities and spells
* Plenty of loot to uncover
* Online Leaderboard and achievements through OpenFeint

Endless Depths is available on the app store for $0.99:

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Note: The public domain tilesets used in Endless Depths come from the RLTiles collection. Some tiles have been modified by the author.