We’ve all been there. We want to play D&D but no one wants to be the DM. Or worse, we don’t know anyone who plays.  Or slightly better, we play in a regular group but want to play on days the group can’t get together.

Endless RPG will create a dungeon, sometimes even a multi-level dungeon, filled with different monsters, treasures, traps and secrets.  The adventure can take place in a traditional dungeon, a cave, ruins , a crypt, a castle or a tower.

The app is designed for the dungeon to be explored, so the map remains cloaked in the fog of war until the party explores it.  Encounters are communicated to the player and there’s even a tactical battle map for helping out, but all of the actual good stuff (i.e. rolling the dice) is done outside of the app.

The DM Mode allows you to see the entire map and customize encounters and treasures, even adding your own monsters and items.

  • Create a party of up to 8 characters
  • Explore the dungeon as a player and find monsters, treasures, traps and events
  • Use the map as a DM and customize it
  • Export the map as a graphic to import into Rol20 or other apps

Endless RPG can be played solo, in a group without a DM by alternating who DMs each battle or even with a dedicated DM as a one-off adventure.

Tips: How to Play D&D Solo or Without a DM

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