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Fix for High Scores Glitch in Endless Nights

A glitch snuck into the release of Endless Nights wherein some installs may not save local high scores. High scores are still saved fine to the game center. If you are having problems saving high scores, here is a fix: … Continue reading

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Endless Nights Now Available on the App Store

Endless Nights is now released out into the wild. If you love rogue-like games, check it out. A sequel to Endless Depths, the adventure comes out of the dungeon. Endless Nights has random outdoor areas, random dungeons, random quests and … Continue reading

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Endless Nights Coming Soon to an App Store Near You

Endless Nights takes Endless Depths out of the dungeon by adding overland areas, quests, and a number of new features including a completely skill-based system.  This system allows players to play the game how they way to play it, with … Continue reading

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Endless Depths RPG – Combat Tips

I wrote up the following combat tips to include in the help file within the game. Hopefully, these tips provide some insight on how to devise a combat strategy within the game. It is important to devise a strategy for … Continue reading

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Endless Depths RPG Patch Live for iOS/Android

As much as the Apple App Store has taken some hits in the media over the past couple of years, they do deserve credit when credit is due.  They have a process of expedited reviews for show-stopping bugs that creep … Continue reading

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Expedited Review Requested for Endless Depths Patch

The 1.02 update to Endless Depths contained a very inconvenient bug that can cause the game to freeze when you go up against pesky magic users deeper in the dungeon. I have fixed the bug and submitted a new version … Continue reading

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Endless Depths RPG arrives on the iPhone/iPad

Endless Depths is now available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.  This turn-based “rogue-like” RPG features randomly generated dungeons and is based on the TitanFire system, which introduces strategy to combat by placing more emphasis on the character’s ability … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Ingredients for Android App Store

Gluten Free Ingredients is debuting as the #2 cooking app in Amazon’s new Android App Store, hovering around 113th among all apps.   That’s not a bad debut, and I hope everyone is finding the app useful.  I know going … Continue reading

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Rift Character Builder updates coming soon!

The Rift Character Builder was just updated to allow the saving of up to 8 different builds.   This was a major feature request of users, and because of the importance of getting this feature into the system, the app … Continue reading

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Marbles Invasion for iOS and Android

Marbles Invasion is a connect the marbles game where you shoot marbles up at an invading force of marbles. Connecting three or more same-colored marbles will result in destruction of those marbles, points for your score and a few more … Continue reading

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