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How to Export Endless RPG Maps on Mac OS

Unfortunately, Endless RPG cannot directly manipulate files on the Mac OS or Windows at this time. This is a limitation of the software development kit used to develop the Endless RPG app.

However, the app can and does generate map files that can be accessed by jumping through a small hoop in the Finder application.

The “Show Map Legend” option will create two files:

  • map_legend.png : This file contains the whole map with a legend corresponding to various spots on the map
  • legend.txt: This file contains the information for that legend.

In addition, the “Show Base Map” and “Show Full Map” options will also create a file (map.png) in the same location.

How to Access the Map Files:

The files are located in a hidden directory on the Mac, but you can reach the directory by using a Finder window.

  • First, click the Go menu option in the Finder app
  • Choose “Go to Folder…”
  • Copy and paste the following into the input box : ~/Library/Application Support/RPGGenerator/Documents
  • Click the Go button and the Finder window will display the hidden folder’s contents. The db files contain information on your currently generated maps and should not be altered.