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Endless Adventure Now Available


Download Endless Adventure from the App Store

Download Endless Adventure from the Google Play store for Android.

Endless Adventure RPG is now available for download on the App Store.  This free-to-play role-playing game allows players to freely choose from 6 of the 26 available classes and play the game with no restrictions.  This includes solving the main storyline and going on to the final epic area.

A roguelike game, Endless Adventure is a journey through six towns, villages and cities, with random quests generated around these locations.   The explore-as-you go methodology means no one — not even your smartphone — knows what is around the next corner, and provides a new strategic element as you battle foes and try not to accidentally open up the next area.

Parties can consist of up to four characters, and the game bases the difficulty on how many characters are in the party, so try solving it with just three or two characters.  Solo play is available, but it is definitely the most difficult path.  You can even change the difficulty in the settings so long as you are still at the beginning of the map. This allows a party of two to adventure as if they were a party of four.

The normal maximum level is 20, with each class allowing a maximum of 10 levels, so you will need at least 2 classes in the multi-classing system that allows up to 6 classes per character.  Did we say ‘normal’ maximum level?  Should you reach level 20 and the last city, you can choose to start over as your character’s son or daughter, taking with you the items your character has equipped, gaining a slight bonus to experience and the ability to hit level 21.  And if you like the journey, you can do it a second time to hit level 22.

You can download Endless Adventure on the App Store or from the Google Play store for Android.


Endless Nights Now Available on the App Store

Endless Nights is now released out into the wild.

If you love rogue-like games, check it out. A sequel to Endless Depths, the adventure comes out of the dungeon. Endless Nights has random outdoor areas, random dungeons, random quests and a brand new skill-based system that allows you to play the game however you want to play it.

A rogue-like game, Endless Nights also features a permanence system that allows you to carry over gold or gems, based on the profile you choose, or simply evade death and get an extra life. Or you can choose to go old school and play on the Hardcore setting.

You can download Endless Nights on the App Store.

Expedited Review Requested for Endless Depths Patch

The 1.02 update to Endless Depths contained a very inconvenient bug that can cause the game to freeze when you go up against pesky magic users deeper in the dungeon.

I have fixed the bug and submitted a new version to the app store, requesting an expedited review in hopes of getting it through the process quicker. I can’t say whether or not the request will be accepted, but at the very least, a new version should be available early next week.  I’m hoping they can fit it in before the week is out.

Gluten Free Ingredients for Android App Store

Gluten Free Ingredients is debuting as the #2 cooking app in Amazon’s new Android App Store, hovering around 113th among all apps.   That’s not a bad debut, and I hope everyone is finding the app useful.  I know going shopping can be a major ordeal when you have to avoid gluten, though luckily more brands are marking their labels as gluten free or containing gluten.   (I hope they put my app out of business by marking all products with allergen information!)

Check out Amazon’s App Store.  It’s great to see Android get something like this.

Meanwhile, on the iPhone and iPad side of things, Gluten Free Ingredients finally got enough reviews to be officially rated.  I don’t do any review stuffing or buying reviews, so it took a while, and I’m certainly glad to see they were all 5 star reviews.   I hope everyone is finding it useful.

Rift Character Builder updates coming soon!

The Rift Character Builder was just updated to allow the saving of up to 8 different builds.   This was a major feature request of users, and because of the importance of getting this feature into the system, the app was updated as soon as possible.

In making sure this update got into the hands of customers quickly, the character builder’s abilities and skills were only updated for the cleric archetype.  Some corrections are still needed for other archetypes.

Those corrections have now been finished, including small changes from the Rift patch (1.01) that occurred today.  The new version has been submitted to the App store and is awaiting the approval process, which usually takes from 4-7 days.

This new update should make all souls accurate, but if you spot any inaccuracies, feel free to email Nations Software with the ability name and the soul it is found in and it will be corrected in the next release.

Don’t have the Rift soul builder for the iPhone?  You can download it here.

D&D Random Dungeon Generator for iPhone/Android/iPad

Have you ever wanted to play D&D alone? Now you can with RPG Random Dungeon Generator for iPhone and Android. This handy little D&D random dungeon generator is great for when you want to get a little D&D action solo or with a few friends.

RPG Random Dungeon Generator supports levels 1-30 and parties of up to 8 characters. In addition to a smart encounter system that creates groups of 4e monsters, it also uses 4th edition treasure and traps to round out the random dungeon.

Got an iPad? A super-charged version of the random dungeon generator with a mini-map and a dice roller will soon be released specifically for the iPad.

RPG Random Dungeon Generator Features:

  • Dynamic dungeons
  • Random monsters, traps and treasure
  • Intelligent encounter design with leaders, front line, support and epic monsters
  • Uses d20 4e monsters and treasure rules
  • Supports characters from level 1 to 30
  • Supports solo adventures and parties of up to 8 adventurers
  • iPad special features: mini-map and dice roller

You can download the app from the iTunes market or get it on your Android.

Mobile app developed with Corona SDK for iOS and Android

NFL News on the iPhone and iPad

Are you ready for some football? Headlines News: Pro Football News gathers all the latest NFL news for all 32 teams and puts them on the iPhone and iPad. This hyper-local news product gathers the latest NFL news from over 130 sources to make sure that you can keep track of your favorite teams to root for and your favorite teams to hate.

The iPhone version gives you quick access to the news with an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to select your team. And while an Internet connection is required to read full stories, you can still browse summary news you’ve downloaded while offline.

The iPad version delivers newspaper-style headlines that give you summaries of the latest news for your favorite teams all on one page. And with the touch of a finger, you can read the full article on the original website.

Download Headline News: Pro Football News Edition.

Download Headline News: Pro Football News Edition HD.

Gluten Free Ingredients for Android

Gluten Free IngredientsFor those with gluten sensitivity, intolerance or celiac disease, the grocery store can seem like a mine field. And now Android owners can get their hands on a mine sweeper.

Gluten Free Ingredients provides a searchable list of safe/unsafe ingredients. So even if the label doesn’t list allergens, you can still check for gluten.

You can download Gluten Free Ingredients from the Android marketplace.

NFL News on Android

NFL News for the AndroidAre you ready for some football? Now that the NFL season is just around the corner, it is time to start keeping up with your favorite teams. And you can do just that with NFL Headline News, a hyper-local application that provides the best news for all 32 teams from local, national and community sources. You don’t just get league-wide headlines, you get the best headlines for each team.

You can download NFL Headline News from the Android app store.

Just want to follow your team? Browse the list of apps and pick out your favorite team.

Gluten Free Living on the iPhone Delivers Gluten Free Ingredient List

Gluten Free LivingIt can be a real pain trying to live gluten free. It sometimes seems as if the grocery store has suddenly become your enemy. But luckily, there are a lot of handy apps on the app store that can help make things a bit easier.

I originally developed Gluten Free Living as a search tool because I was sick and tired of putting ‘gluten free’ into so many Google searches. A quick tool to build, the original Gluten Free Search simply saved the time of typing ‘gluten free’ by automatically inserting it into Google and Amazon searches.

But living gluten free is about more than just searching the web, so I expanded the app to include the latest news on gluten free life and celiac disease. Not stopping there, I gathered a list of ingredients and included it in the app for doing a quick check of whether or not an ingredient has any gluten in it.

You can download Gluten Free Living for $.99 from the app store.

Just interested in keeping up with the latest news? Get it for free by downloading Gluten Free News from the app store.