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Endless Nights Now Available on the App Store

Endless Nights is now released out into the wild.

If you love rogue-like games, check it out. A sequel to Endless Depths, the adventure comes out of the dungeon. Endless Nights has random outdoor areas, random dungeons, random quests and a brand new skill-based system that allows you to play the game however you want to play it.

A rogue-like game, Endless Nights also features a permanence system that allows you to carry over gold or gems, based on the profile you choose, or simply evade death and get an extra life. Or you can choose to go old school and play on the Hardcore setting.

You can download Endless Nights on the App Store.

Endless Nights Coming Soon to an App Store Near You

Endless Nights takes Endless Depths out of the dungeon by adding overland areas, quests, and a number of new features including a completely skill-based system.  This system allows players to play the game how they way to play it, with decisions determining the final skillset of their character.

The same rogue-like game play is also enhanced by a new profile system that allows players to gain some permanence by choosing a profile that allows gold or gems to carry over to the next character.  And a hardcode mode allows for the old-school players to go it without these perks.

Endless Nights should hit the iTunes App Store soon and will be available for the iPhone and iPad.

Here’s the first screenshot: