Monthly Archives: March 2011

Gluten Free Ingredients for Android App Store

Gluten Free Ingredients is debuting as the #2 cooking app in Amazon’s new Android App Store, hovering around 113th among all apps.   That’s not a bad debut, and I hope everyone is finding the app useful.  I know going shopping can be a major ordeal when you have to avoid gluten, though luckily more brands are marking their labels as gluten free or containing gluten.   (I hope they put my app out of business by marking all products with allergen information!)

Check out Amazon’s App Store.  It’s great to see Android get something like this.

Meanwhile, on the iPhone and iPad side of things, Gluten Free Ingredients finally got enough reviews to be officially rated.  I don’t do any review stuffing or buying reviews, so it took a while, and I’m certainly glad to see they were all 5 star reviews.   I hope everyone is finding it useful.

Rift Character Builder updates coming soon!

The Rift Character Builder was just updated to allow the saving of up to 8 different builds.   This was a major feature request of users, and because of the importance of getting this feature into the system, the app was updated as soon as possible.

In making sure this update got into the hands of customers quickly, the character builder’s abilities and skills were only updated for the cleric archetype.  Some corrections are still needed for other archetypes.

Those corrections have now been finished, including small changes from the Rift patch (1.01) that occurred today.  The new version has been submitted to the App store and is awaiting the approval process, which usually takes from 4-7 days.

This new update should make all souls accurate, but if you spot any inaccuracies, feel free to email Nations Software with the ability name and the soul it is found in and it will be corrected in the next release.

Don’t have the Rift soul builder for the iPhone?  You can download it here.