Play D&D or Pathfinder Solo or In A DM-less Group

icon_1024It’s quite possible to play D&D solo. In fact, for some, it might be the only choice at getting into D&D or Pathfinder. For others that have friends that play but don’t have friends that want to DM, there’s no need to go without. There are even ways to play DM without all of the hard work that can go into creating maps.

So how do you get started?

Endless RPG was created to allow the flexibility to play without a dedicated DM by having an iPhone, iPad and Android device present a random adventure in a player-friendly manner. Most random dungeon generators are designed for DMs, and as such, they spill all the goods. Endless RPG plays like a turn-based role-playing game with a fog of war that you must uncover as you explore and hidden encounters, treasures, traps and other secrets. The only difference: Endless RPG tells you what you find but all of the dice rolling is up to you.

It’s best if you already know the basic rules of D&D or Pathfinder, but even if you are just getting started, Endless RPG can be a solid way to learn the rules. The key ingredients are the books, the dice, the app and a healthy dose of imagination. If you are the type that likes to talk to themselves, even better because you can roll up multiple characters!


How to DM Yourself in D&D and Pathfinder

Endless RPG gives you the feeling of exploring and not knowing exactly what may come next, but when it comes to rolling combat, you will have to DM yourself. After all, you are in charge of both the monsters and your character (or even a whole group of characters!).

The Battle Map provided with the app can help with tactics, but it can also be fun to use miniatures on a table. Before beginning combat, try to come up with a basic strategy for how the party is going to handles the creates. But instead of jumping right into the dice rolls, do the same thing for the other side. How would they fight your party? If its a bunch of goblins, they’ll probably just charge right in with the most basic tactics, gnolls might be more clever, demons might be exceedingly clever, etc.

Remember, the threat of death is what makes the game so good, so be fair. Also, don’t be afraid to use the dice for more than just standard dice rolls. If you are fighting a spell caster, come up with a percentage chance of them casting a spell or roll a dice to see which spell they cast. Is that goblin taking a beat down? Roll to see if they decide to flee! The fun part is coming up with some basic rules, such as cowardly creatures running on a roll of 6 or less on a d10 if they are badly injured while more courageous (or stupid!) creatures only run on a roll of 2 or less.

Also keep in mind that Endless RPG cannot take into account every situation. If you cast a spell that should have detected a trap that you subsequently stumbled over and failed a perception roll, feel free to alter events to fit that initial spell!

How to Play D&D/Pathfinder In A Small Group Without a DM

This is where Endless RPG can really shine. Simply take turns on who is the DM from one encounter to the next. This is a great way of keeping everyone fair and spreading out the work.

Everything said above applies, but you can do more strategizing for the encounter. Let your character step back and be more of a DM’s NPC — aiding combat, but not leading it. And then see what kind of ass-whooping you can do to the party!

It’s a good idea to use dice to see what party members are targeted by specific creatures in the encounter. This can help curb any arguments about a certain character getting targeted too much. But play within the tactics of the encounter: ogres are dumb, drow elves are smart, etc.

How to DM Pathfinder or D&D Without Putting In as Much Work!

Screenshot 2017-12-14 07.46.53

Do you want to DM but just don’t have the time? You aren’t alone. There are plenty of people who love to tell a great story but don’t really love drawing out detailed maps.

Endless RPG can provide a backbone of content that lets you tell your story. You can game master the campaign, control what happens in town and with NPCs, and when you need a tower full of orcs or a ruin with skeletons, Endless RPG can provide it. Because the app lets you choose a monster group as well as a setting and a challenge rating, you can tailor the adventure to your story.

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with all of the monster groups available as enemies by going to the Custom screen in the adventure map and tapping through the challenge ratings. The available enemy groups will change with specific CR, so once you hit 20th, you’ll have a good idea what you can throw at the party.

Endless RPG Lets You DM a D&D or Pathfinder Campaign While Focusing on Story

Screenshot 2017-12-14 07.46.53

The latest update to Endless RPG adds important DM controls to the app that will allow dungeon masters who are just starting out or who want to focus more on story than map building a great way to add content to the campaign. The new controls allow a DM to create a random dungeon by picking a Challenge Rating for the map, picking an environment such as Cave, Ruins or even a Castle with a Dungeon, and picking a primary ‘enemy’, which can be anything from orcs to goblins to giants to demons to undead (etc.).

The new DM mode will also allow game masters to check out the random dungeon, exploring the map, looking into encounters or treasures, etc. Everything is numbered (Trap 1, Trap 2, Treasure 1, etc.) so the DM can make their own notes in their favorite note-taking app, perhaps adding or subtracting to treasures or encounters or simply changing the DC to pick a lock. The dungeon can be drawn out for the players and the app used as a module for the game master, or the DM Mode can be turned off an Endless RPG handed back to the players to allow them to explore.

My goal is that DMs who want to use it for a one-off, who want to use it as part of a campaign to quickly create an area, or who want to focus on Story and use it to help fill in content will be able to do so. Because it allows you to pick a lot of encounter types from CR .25 to 20, it gives a fair amount of flexibility. A new DM can use it to get into the groove, creating a story where invading orcs are perhaps teaming up with goblins to attack a village, with the character party first rooting the goblins out of their cave and then taking on the orcs in their stronghold.

You can download Endless RPG for iPhone/iPad from the App Store.

Endless RPG is also available on Android devices from the Google Play store.

Endless RPG: The App That’s a DM for Your D&D 5e and Pathfinder Adventures!


We’ve all been there. We want to play D&D but no one wants to be the DM. Or worse, we don’t know anyone who plays.  Or slightly better, we play in a regular group but want to play on days the group can’t get together.

Endless RPG will create a dungeon, sometimes even a multi-level dungeon, filled with different monsters, treasures, traps and secrets.  The adventure can take place in a traditional dungeon, a cave, ruins or other settings,

The app is designed for the dungeon to be explored, so the map remains cloaked in the fog of war until the party explores it.  Encounters are communicated to the player and there’s even a tactical battle map for helping out, but all of the actual good stuff (i.e. rolling the dice) is done outside of the app.

Endless RPG can be played solo, in a group without a DM by alternating who DMs each battle or even with a dedicated DM as a one-off adventure.

You can download Endless RPG for iPhone/iPad from the App Store.

Endless RPG is also available on Android devices from the Google Play store.

Endless Pen and Paper RPG Kickstarter

One of the first apps I created was a simple random dungeon generator intended for people who played D&D 4th edition.   It was a simple app with lines for walls, boxes for doors and Xs for traps like you would do with graph paper.

I’d like to do a new version that supports 5th edition and Pathfinder with better graphics and a better random dungeon generator, but I’d like to make sure it has a certain look to it.  So I’ve decided to try a Kickstarter in order to raise some money for the graphics needed to build the app.

You can check it out at

Endless Adventure Now Available


Download Endless Adventure from the App Store

Download Endless Adventure from the Google Play store for Android.

Endless Adventure RPG is now available for download on the App Store.  This free-to-play role-playing game allows players to freely choose from 6 of the 26 available classes and play the game with no restrictions.  This includes solving the main storyline and going on to the final epic area.

A roguelike game, Endless Adventure is a journey through six towns, villages and cities, with random quests generated around these locations.   The explore-as-you go methodology means no one — not even your smartphone — knows what is around the next corner, and provides a new strategic element as you battle foes and try not to accidentally open up the next area.

Parties can consist of up to four characters, and the game bases the difficulty on how many characters are in the party, so try solving it with just three or two characters.  Solo play is available, but it is definitely the most difficult path.  You can even change the difficulty in the settings so long as you are still at the beginning of the map. This allows a party of two to adventure as if they were a party of four.

The normal maximum level is 20, with each class allowing a maximum of 10 levels, so you will need at least 2 classes in the multi-classing system that allows up to 6 classes per character.  Did we say ‘normal’ maximum level?  Should you reach level 20 and the last city, you can choose to start over as your character’s son or daughter, taking with you the items your character has equipped, gaining a slight bonus to experience and the ability to hit level 21.  And if you like the journey, you can do it a second time to hit level 22.

You can download Endless Adventure on the App Store or from the Google Play store for Android.


Dungeons of Evermore Released

evermore_256Dungeons of Evermore is a group based roguelike that takes elements of rpg board games like the Temple of Elemental Evil and expands on them to create a unique combination of roleplaying and strategy.   The game takes place in a village leaving in the shadow of the Evermore mountains, which have a system of caves and dungeons.

The game allows a party of up to four members to go on various adventures underneath the mountain.  Each adventure is random, with mission types ranging from a standard dungeon delve to a treasure hunt to a trap-filled adventure.

Dungeons of Evermore has 5 different classes, dozens of creatures and a number of items and abilities to help out in the adventures.  Much like the tabletop games, the dungeons is explored an unveiled as you move through the game.  Many monsters have unique abilities that present additional challenges as you work through way through the dungeon.

You can download Dungeons of Evermore from the iPhone and iPad App Store.

Endless Depths 2 v1.02 Released

The newest version of Endless Depths 2 has been released to the Google Play marketplace and submitted to the Apple App Store.  It should arrive on the iOS App Store later this week or early next week.

This patch includes a few patches, including a fix for the anti-farming code and a fix that corrects the bug involving crafting ranged weapons.

This patch also includes a new game mode called ‘Action Mode’ that basically puts you on a timer.  Because touch screens can make this awkward, there is also an auto-select and auto-attack that will use selected abilities or simply do a basic attack if no ability is selected an the target is in range.   You can also cast buffs or drink potions without selecting yourself — just let the timer run out.

You can still take your turn manually in Auto Mode and play much like normal mode.  The difficulty is in the fact that you can stand around thinking about your next move.

Endless Depths 2 Coming Soon

Icon-76@2xEndless Depths 2 should be arriving soon on iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices.  This sequel to Endless Depths and Endless Nights has a classic rogue-like style with each level randomly generated each time you enter the level, so you can stick at lower levels until you are ready to move deeper into the dungeon.

A departure from the first two in the series, Endless Depths 2 is a class-based game.  However, after choosing your starter class, you can flow through the classes by using skills in game to choose which class you are leveling.

Endless Depths 2 also lets you carry over gold and gems to your next character, so you can ‘farm’ with characters and then load up a new character with powerful weapons and armor for a real try at defeating the dungeon.


Endless Depths 2: The Weapon Master Skills and Abilities

Level 1 : Measured Blow
No Damage Bonus, +1 To-Hit

Level 2 : Precision
A stance that increases accuracy at the cost of defense.

Level 4 : Slice
On Hit Debuff Target, Damage over Time
Requires Slashing Weapon

Level 4 : Finesse Strike
+2 To-Hit, -25% Damage
Requires Piercing Weapon

Level 4 : Bludgeon
+100% Armor Penetration, 25% Bonus Damage
Requires Crushing Weapon

Level 7 : Cross Slash
Strikes Twice, +-50% Faster, 50% Bonus Damage
Requires Slashing Weapon

Level 7 : Impale
On Hit Debuff Target, Damage over Time, +100% Armor Penetration, 75% Bonus Damage
Requires Piercing Weapon

Level 7 : Crushing Blow
50% Bonus Damage, 25% Chance to Daze, 50% Chance to Disrupt Casting
Requires Crushing Weapon

Level 10 : Head Blow
-2 To-Hit, Critical Bonus +4, +50 Critical Bonus, 100% Bonus Damage, Take Advantage, 25% Chance to Disrupt Casting

Endless Depths 2: The Warrior Skills and Abilities

Base Skills: Slashing,Piercing,Parry,Leather,Dodge,Crushing,Chain,Block (2), Plate (2)

Level 1 : Quick Strike
+50% Faster, -25% Damage

Level 2 : Cleave
50% Bonus Damage, Critical Bonus +1

Level 4 : Gather Strength
+25% Damage Buff

Level 7 : Double Strike
Strikes Twice

Level 10 : Perfect Strike
A perfect strike almost always hits and has an increased chance of a critical hit.